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10 points checklist

Planning Your Trip

 1. Book your train, bus or flight right away and email us your reaching time

2. Block you calendar so that others can't bother you

3. Inform to your office and colleagues about taking leave and supporting you to manage work

4. Keep you family aware and informed too

5. Carry any and every kind of required / prescribed medications that you need to keep as precautions

6. Don't keep work pending till last day. Ideally you should try to get some good sleep a night before. (Even if you don't Goa vibes should help you stay fresh

7. Reach the hotel latest by 11.30 am so we can catch up for lunch and start on time.

8. Carry smart casuals, comfortable clothing for Goa weather. Also, carry swimming costume/ swim suit for pool activity

9. Accessories - Hats / caps, Sunglasses, Sunscreen , pair of slippers and your SMILE

10. Set you bags 2 days in advance to avoid missing anything last minute. Create your own checklist and follow it

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