Become a 'Digital-era Brand Strategist' 

Introducing Strategic Brand Blueprint course to build brands for the new world. 
Strategic Brand Blueprint

About the Course

Strategic Brand Blueprint

    ‘Simplicity in Strategy’ leads to better ‘Impact in Implementation’. 

    Strategic Brand Blueprint will... 

    • Give holistic picture and frameworks of building a brand 
    • Help you define your goals and a clear path of career growth 
    • Give you the strong foundations of brand strategy & experience
    •  Introduce values and principles to be strategic in your approach
    •  Give you a path to be a 'Tri-speared' brand strategist

                Do you have similar questions?

                How can I fast-track career growth in branding?

                What capabilities are required to excel as a brand strategist?

                Where to get hands-on & practical guidance for brand strategy roles?

                How this course will benefit you?

                Ways in which you will be able to Breakthrough.

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                 Conceptualize Insightful Briefs, Brand Positioning  & Strategy

                Step 1

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                Fast-track your Career Growth with simplified strategic frameworks

                Step 1

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                Values your time with to the point learning minus too many long hours 

                Step 1

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                Get recognized for your strategic approach, presentations & solutions

                Step 4

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                Learn the art of connecting-dots, consumer journey & ecosystem thinking 

                Step 4

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                Guided video sessions with bonus one-to-one call with your coach

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                Online Course Walkthrough

                A journey of 3 days

                Day 1:  Getting Started

                • Setting the Strategic Brand foundations, introduction to the framework
                • Self-assessment of where you are in the journey to become a Strategic Contributor
                • Setting goals and holistic approach to commit towards career growth/breakthrough

                Day 2: Key Components

                • Components of the strategic brand creation
                •  Brief writing/ clarity
                • Understanding the consumer journey and touch points

                Day 3: Growth plan

                • Must have support system of becoming a Breakthrough Brand Mastermind
                • Levels of growth and possible journey paths
                • Career Clarity Bonus call

                Hi, I'm Karan

                'I am on a mission to build a new tribe of Breakthrough Brand Masterminds, who are passionate about building Strategic Brands for Digital-era.'

                Today, I see young students and professionals are full of passion and confidence. However, due to the busy-ness of business they are deprived of right mentorship, hands-on guidance and proper blend of strategy + tactics. 

                I believe, branding in the new world is no more about just designing a great identity, or doing digital marketing, or promotions...or let's just be different. Brand Strategists for digital-era need to be multifaceted. They need to be Dot connectors using design thinking, data, human insights, technology brand & marketing to help solve consumer problems.

                I have been a strategic contributor and creator of experience driven brands during my 14+ years of tenure in brand strategy, design, digital agencies like Future Group, Idiom Design & Consulting, JWT Design, Saatchi & Saatchi X and Asymmetrique Digital.

                I am on a mission to empower the young talent and aspiring brand professionals with my simplified brand conceptualization frameworks, tools and hands-on experience. So that they can breakthrough in their career.

                Blah. Blah. brief

                I am a father of a lovely daughter, husband to a caring wife. A Storyteller, Experience seeker & Spiritual person by passion.  Professionally, I am known as a Dot-connector, Design thinker, Brand and Experience Strategist and a Trispear Brand Creator. I am focused on creating 'Experience as the Strategic advantage for brands in digital era' with the design thinking approach.

                © Copyright Breakthrough with Karan Rawat.  All Rights Reserved. 

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